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Advice on Alesis monitors. Volume knobs (known to) give out over time.

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Hi, new to forum (long-time lurker :) ). I have a pair of Alesis M1Active 520 (usb model) speakers/entry level monitors. Bought them new ~1yr ago and like them very much for the price. A common complaint is that the volume knob (that also powers them on/off w/ "click" at turn to '0') can get loose over time and then stop working all together (to power on). Mine are working still, but do feel 'looser' than when new.


I thought I might add something, a switch (maybe a foot switch?) to plug them into, and then to the wall. And leave the Vol knob "On" (past 0, maybe at 2-3?). So not to use/stress knob and lead to eventual failure. Any Thoughts? Much Thanks in advance!

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