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Extraordinary Fostex TH X00 Headphones $399.99 through Massdrop!

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Just ordered this huge bargain of a headphone (Fostex TH X00) through Massdrop.




A collaboration between Fostex and Massdrop have come up with a mutually re-designed headphone apparently fitting somewhere between the TH600 and TH900 models, but with a better balanced frequency response. At $400 they are an unbelievably cheap buy. Massdrop suggest 60% of an estimated normal retail price?


Sharing because I think more forum members should know, just in case they want to get in on Massdrop's 1,950 unit "drop", which is almost filled.




Fostex TH-X00 Measurements and Subjective Impressions | Super Best Audio Friends


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Thanks... I think??


I think there was something like 70 left when I took the plunge ... Then bam!


I really hadn't realised how low the Aussie dollar was right now... Ouch!


(I should know - as I'm travelling overseas ... But ain't in the US..).


Seems unlikely they could possibly live up to te hype. I don't know how well they'll play with my Conductor... So hope I can sell 'em if things don't work out... I'm a complete noob with cans, so not sure it's my bag...


Oh, for the love of music!!

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Seems unlikely they could possibly live up to te hype.


Yeah, a few people are claiming it is at the level of the TH900 or even better which would be downright silly. An improvement or side-grade over the TH600 is more likely, but in any event, it seems like a screaming bargain.

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