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General comment about how we express opinions

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I've gleaned a slew of good information from this board. I would be lost without it as a matter of face (as a newbie). In the private room Chris helped walk me step by step through a problem I was having installing and configuring the Lynx card. As someone new to board I'd like to say that with regard to the way opinions are expressed sometimes the exchanges get a little personal and rather than being about the gear/software/whatever it becomes more personal and sometimes pretty childish--almost as thought one is "defending" one's own choice of hardware/software or thereof opinions thereof. Its as though they have some kind of need to convince the other party that their view is valid. Little or no additional information is provided about the product in those exchanges. It wastes alot of digital ink. I HATE reading those exchanges and I avoid those threads because I have to read through a half page of personal exchanges to get to the real information thats being conveyed in the other half. I just thought I would express these thoughts with the hope that we can respect each others opinions without having to convince others of the validity of one's own. This is a very subjective endeavor we're all involved in.


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I firmly believe that you will find the Computer Audiophile website offer one of the best audio forums for sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas and expressing opinions. Most readers and participants are respectful but the CA website is open to all. With that you will sometimes get some abuses, but sometimes what you may consider personal or petty exchanges is the result of long held beliefs and passions. (Just imagine if we were discussing politics or religion and trying to "educate" or change what we consider wrong beliefs). Of course we sometimes have characters, biased and colorful individuals, trolls, agitators or some with a hidden agenda. But the majority here want the best and are very respectful in searching for the best.


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Hi pwhinson - Very good points. I've always said that this site is laid back and needs to be enjoyable. As soon as it stops being enjoyable we all lose. Attacks on other readers or products are not enjoyable to read and only turn people off. Often people, myself included, forget we are talking about a wonderful hobby not a life or death medical situation. One thing that can make discussions difficult is the varied backgrounds of readers. We have readers from 208 countries who speak many different languages. Getting "pissed" in the U.S. means getting mad where as getting "pissed" in the U.K. means getting drunk.


If we can all keep things in perspective we will all continue to enjoy our wonderful hobby :~)


Founder of Audiophile Style | My Audio Systems

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