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My top 5 classical albums of 2015

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Igot Levit (piano), Bach: Goldberg Variations, Beethoven: Diabelli Variations, Rzewski: The People United Will Never Be Defeated!




The world may be full of brilliant young pianists, but the 28-year-old Russian-German Igor Levit stands apart. His latest release is an ambitious three-CD boxed set that scales three peaks of the piano literature. The first two CDs are not an unusual combination: Beethoven’s largest piano work, the 33 Variations on a Waltz of Anton Diabelli follows JS Bach’s Goldberg Variations. What will raise eyebrows is the third CD, containing The People United Will Never Be Defeated! This set of 26 variations on a stirring Chilean revolutionary song by the 77-year-old American composer Frederic Rzewski carries us back to a different era, when Marxist revolution was in the air.


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