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iFi micro-iDAC2 question

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I recently purchased an iFi micro-iDAC2. I have it attached to a Mac Mini running JRiver. With all the iDAC2 capabilities I’m having a difficult time deciding what would be the best strategy to get the best sound.



So, with the iFi’s micro-iDAC2's design, what do you feel is the best strategy to get the best sound?



1. Have JRiver convert everything to 2xDSD (or 4xDSD)?



2. Have JRiver send everything to the micro-iDAC2 in the audio files native form (44/16 as 44/16, 96/24 as 96/24, DSD as DSD etc.)?



3. Have JRiver upsample all PCM to maximum kHz, and DSD to 4xDSD?



4. Some other strategy?



Thanks for you input,




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Here's a novel idea -- why don't you try them all, and see which sounds best to you.

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With the iDSD Micro I prefer your option 3. Upscale all multiples of 44.1kHz to 705.6 kHz and multiples of 48.0kHz to 768kHz. Don't have any DSD files.

I found converting everything to 4 x DSD or more was harder on system resources, without any consistent gain in SQ.

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