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Pictures on Ipod?

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Will the Ipod accept jpg files?


Was sitting here with wife & dogs (no kids) and she was playing with one of the dogs telling it how much she was going to miss her while we were gone for 3 1/2 weeks... right then, it dawned on me that I've got something like 25 gigs free on my 160g Ipod and perhaps I could take some pictures with us.


I don't see pictures as an option though, video yes, just not pictures.


am I wrong??


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I've got a pc.


By the way, on the side.... I bought Magic DVD Ripper http://www.magicdvdripper.com/ and it did a fabulous job ripping my dvd's so I could copy them onto my Ipod. I don't know how fast these kinds of programs "should" be but I'll admit I felt this was pretty slow. It easily took over an hour to rip a dvd and in one case, I think it took over 2 hours. In defense of them, it's possible the machine I was using had some issues but other than taking a while to do, worked great for me. I simply started a rip & then went about my way checking back every now & then.


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Normally I think a dvd rip takes me about 20 minutes. The longer ones are usually trying to compress the data. That can take me anywhere from 1.5 hours to longer than I will wait (overnight). If I am going to try and compress, I rip a copy to the hard disk, then compress a second copy, and delete the first. That's kinda where I was heading! Sounds like you're really moving along with that iPod. Careful, you be dreaming bout a Mac music server soon!


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