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So I got me a macbbok hooked up to my PS Audio Dac. Now what? Any audiophool tweaks that apply to computers? I ordered some Herbies Audio Labs interconnect dampers for the Firewire cable to minimize vibrations . I have the Macbook on top of 4 Vibrapods to provide some circulation and minimize vibration into my rack.


What else? ERS Cloth to keep RFI output from the computer?


I guess I could just sit back and enjoy the music. ;-)



Also, does my setup (Macbook-->Western Digital 500G Mybook->PS Audio DL III-) constitute a Music Server?



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Hey Gonzo - Can you give a little more info on your system Are you using USB out of the Mac or the SPDIF? I am guessing iTunes right? Are you connecting your DL III to a pre amp or headphone amp etc...?


You definitely have a music server! It doesn't take much, but I do think the name music server makes it seem like much more.


EDIT: I totally forgot you gave us all the details in a previous post! I think you are really pushing the envelope by looking for tweaks and tips of this sort. It is great!!! I am going to do some research on this one. You may be one of the pioneers.


- Chris

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