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Optical LAN: TP-LINK MC210CS Gigabit Media Converter and Lynn SCSCDUPSM-2M SC-SC Cable

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Two units and 1 cable.


These are the gigabit optical LAN media converters with a matching 2 meter cable.


TP-LINK MC210CS Gigabit Media Converter, 1000Mbps RJ45 to 1000M single-mode SC fiber, up to 15Km/9miles, chassis mountable


Gigabit Single-Mode Media Converter MC210CS - Welcome to TP-LINK


Lynn Electronics SCSCDUPSM-2M 9/125 Yellow Duplex Single-Mode Fiber Optic Patch Cable, SC-SC, 2 Meters in Length Yellow


9/125µ OS2 Singlemode Duplex SC to SC Fiber Optic Patch Cords


My renderer only accepts 100Mbps media converters, so these gigabit ones have been tried once.


Paid $75 for each media converter and $20 for the cable. Buy both and get the cable free.


Make me an offer and we can settle through Paypal. Shipping is extra at cost, but I will pay the 3% Paypal fee.



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