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AURALiC Lightning DS iPhone App

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Hopefully this offer to supply beta testing is still available as I'm struggling with the JRiver remote! I've sent an email with my details as per the 1st post instructions.






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I'm awaiting a reply as well, bought my Mini a couple of days ago and I'm patiently waiting.

I'm toying with the idea of buying an iPad Mini, an expensive exercise considering the iPhone app is imminent.

Auralic seems a bit reticent on the 'reply to customer' email front, quite a contrast from most consumer product companies.


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To Auralic:


No specific issues to report wrt the new update.


Overall stability seems to be better. I have not had it quit unexpectedly since the update. On the last version, I could intermittently make it crash when adding multiple tracks to the play queue.


With the new version, so far so good.


Tidal search is very nice. I was pleasantly surprised I could add tracks to a Tidal playlist from Lightning DS.


I can't wait for library search to arrive.



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