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Is this AutoTune in action?


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I read about one Shana Tucker, a cellist who is a jazz artist, so I cued up her new "Shine" album on Tidal. Through the first few tracks I thought to myself "boy, she hits the middle of note every time", and I thought about AutoTune. Then, there is this strange rapid change in her voice on track 9 (Amazing Grace) right at the 1:04 > 1:06. It has to be an artifact of AutoTune, right? Or am I being too pessimistic?



Hey MQA, if it is not all $voodoo$, show us the math!

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It sounds more like she has sung the three notes on three different takes and then it is cut together to get the rapid change at the 1:04 > 1:06 part. That said it does sound like it might be some autotune involved on both cello and voice. The best way to hear a autotune is that it never gets the overtones right. I am a bit thrown off by the eq (or choice of microphone) on the vocal and cello. Both have a dip in a area with much overtone information, and a boost a little higher that messes with the information I need to hear it.

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