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DAC / Streamer Network Isolation Guide

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Hi there,


A few ears I trust have mentioned that an isolated (separate) network for audio gear is the way to go.


1) Does anyone know of an audio guide in which to follow to do this, and any recommended hardware?


2) Are converters (such as the TP-Link MC100CS, ethernet to fiber) still necessary when doing so?


3) Does using a VLAN accomplish the same thing?



Abyss - Audeze - Sen

Simaudio Moon 600i - Lumin A1

Kii Three - KEF LS50

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Hi Yoga,


I have been using a standard ethernet connection between my Synology NAS - Router - Pioneer Streamer for long time.


Later on I have added a GISO ethernet adapter just a few centimeters in the signal chain before the streamer and it has improved SQ, mainly less grain, less hardness and better punch.


For a few weeks now I have changed to a Melco N1A (currently used as a NAS, not NAS/streamer) instead of the Synology, no GISO now, and it has again improved significantly. The stage size has improved, music now gets better off the speakers and again tightness and precision has improved.


Next step in my system will be changing from standard ethernet to fibre between router and music system ...

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