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idsd dac question

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I am relatively new to computer audio, and am running an idsd dac, which I connected to my desktop with the supplied blue usb cable. I have three questions. 1. Does the unit sound better in battery rather than usb power mode? 2. if yes, when my listening session is finished and I power down my desktop, do I have to turn off the dac so the battery doesn't drain and disconnect and power on the dac and then reconnect every time I listen to use the battery mode? and 3. I am not using the preamp function - has anyone used that and is it recommended? Thank you all so much.

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I too ow the same dac for about a year.


1) There Is a slight difference but nothing important as far as I can tell. There is a big difference combining It with the iUsb3.0 but It is very expensive (80% the price of the dac)


2)That is what I do but If always you use It on battery mode you'll have to charge from time to time.


3) The preamp on this little thing is Fantastic and sonically on par with bigger more expensive standalone preamps. It is so good that I think It might be the best sounding feature of this Little beast.

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