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Audirvana: is System Optimizer Extreme priority always preferred?


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iMac - OSX 10.6.8, latest version of Audirvana:


Are there instances when wouldn't I want to use this setting? Also, by setting this to Extreme it will override any settings in Audio Midi setup? That seems to be the case but wanted to check.





The Audio MIDI settings are overridden by the Audirvana Audio System settings, not the SysOptimizer. Check the checkboxes for "Exclusive Access Mode", "Direct Mode", and "Integer Mode", if applicable.

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Are there instances when wouldn't I want to use this setting?


If listening to music is the "mission-critical" task, then you should use "Extreme priority" and do the stuff that @wwaldmanfan recommends.


If you're listening to music while trying to do any substantial work on the computer (in my case, Adobe Creative Cloud applications), then turn all that stuff off. It really doesn't sound all that much worse that way (at least on my office system).



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Direct Mode - As I understand - is Damien's integer work around for Lion and Mountain Lion.


I've found slightly better results with direct mode off (post-Mountain Lion). But it's been an Age since I've compared it.

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