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PPA USB card v2 install problems


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Trying first time install of the PPA v2 sound card in a new install of Windows Server 2012 R2 on a new server build. The card does not show. Tried every PCI slot with multiple scans for new hardware in each slot. Paul says no separate driver install is needed, should be detected and install from Server. There are two entries under Device Manager - Sound, video, game controllers for High Definition Audio Device from the original OS install.


Supermicro Core cpu server board. Pico PSU powered, with a 4-pin Molex to the PPA.


Waiting to hear from Paul P. as well.


Any ideas?

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did you connect power to it? its a standard NEC chip so windows server knows it

The second paragraph states it is powered by picoPSU via Molex.


OP: I've never had a problem with ws2012 detecting the PPA card or ever had a faulty card so verify that you are getting a 5v output from the pico.







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Sorry for the bump, but this seemed the most appropriate semi-recent thread to ask this question in about a V2 card:


I'm putting together a new music server that includes a PPA V2 Card. For the time being I'm using a "normal" ATX SMPS (an EVGA Supernova 650 P2, which is made by Leadex and based on their relatively low ripple SuperFlower PSU's) before I start saving up for/investigating a Linear PSU for the server itself and/or a separate supply for the PPA V2 Card, whether battery or Linear PSU-based.


Paul Pang warns against using more than 5V on his cards so as to not "burn" (damage) the card, which makes sense, but if I wanted to use the ATX PSU for the time being, would a Molex cable automatically feed the 5V pin with the correct voltage off of a modular PSU's Peripheral (listed as "Perif." on this EVGA PSU) line/connector? Paul's site has this picture:




which seems to indicate the +12V is not functional/disabled, and I found this Molex cable diagram:




which would indicate that the nature of Molex connectors makes it so that the 5V pin/line would line up with the 5V pin/line on the PPA V2 Card.


I would ask Paul but he's a bit slow on e-mail responses.


Thanks for the help on this relatively rudimentary question, I just don't want to burn my card!


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The best thing to do is use a digital multi meter to verify the voltage. That being said, as long as both the power supply and PPA card use the standard wiring for Molex you should be ok. I would still use a DMM to be safe though.

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