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Naxatras: Hard Psychedelic Rock in DSD 128

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How would you describe the music and the mastering quality of this album?


For the music quality and type, have a listen to the mp3 sample clips and check out the booklet. For the mastering quality, Jesus of Magnetic Fidelity offered the following notes:


The material of FWRL Records generally varies in quality. Some of the recordings were monophonic for aesthetic reasons due to artist preference, some due to technical reasons. Most are stereophonic though. The material has been recorded to tape over a span of 15 years, and my equipment and available spaces have greatly improved since the beginning.


So, for FWRL Records the incentive of offering DSD files is not because the recording quality is that exceptional, but rather to be able to at least capture the sound of the master tapes as closely as possible in a digital format.

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