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JRiver custom metadata SYMBOL?

Bob Loblaw

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Hi guys,


After much debating I finally realized a custom Windows PC is what works for me the best and with that I fell in love with the JRiver player.




I was wondering when one is organizing libraries can symbols (preferably with original file color/s) be introduced as the name of the artist or an album or a song?


* The artist formally known as Prince

* Song #8 on Pearl Jam's Yield (CA founder Chris might appreciate this one), where the name of the song is a red dot


While I can understand such symbols cannot be used while naming an actual computer file, I hope something like this can be achieved at the metadata level on JRiver.

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It comes down to something called the character encoding. The character encoding is a way of relating a "code point" (like an identifier) to a given character. For example, the letter A is 41 (hexadecimal) in UTF-8. ● is B7.


So long as the tagging scheme supports a modern character encoding, such as UTF-8, which most do, and the music player doesn't impose a strange restriction, this should work and you should be able to get your dot.


Unfortunately, colour is not included in the character encoding. You would need some way of "marking up" the value which the music player understood. AFAIK there's no commonly accepted way of doing this.


There may be some other restrictions - for example synchronising the tags with filenames you may want to substitute the dot depending on which filesystem you use/intend to use for all use cases.


bliss - fully automated music organizer. Read the music library management blog.

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