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Need a little help figuring out how to best adjust volume in my setup

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Due to the fact I am using both the pre-out and the line-out on my Peachtree Decco, I am having trouble coordinating volume adjustments between my amp and my sub. Currently I am having to do one of two things....(note that I do not use my Decco as an amp.

1. Operate system volume through Audirvana volume slider....this works fine and DOES coordinate everything in the chain, but it is not convenient for my wife.....I know, it should be easy for her, but it's a long story....?

2. Operate the line out volume from the itube in preamp mode, and the dac to control the subwoofer volume.....this however requires adjusting two separate volum knobs and is far from ideal.


anyway, here is a picture of my setup.....

any suggestions for universal volume control?



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One more question....would it be at all beneficial to run the itube in buffer mode only and through the idecco pre-out? In that scenario there would be 2 tubes in the signal...or would it be better to run the itube through the idecco's line out with the itube assuming the preamp duties?

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True......and I have it that way now.....only thing is that the deccos's tube is useless...for some reason it literally is indistinguishable from the solid state output.

I have rolled 3 different tubes into it and no difference...this fact is fairly well supported even by professional reviewers.

Now the itube DOES work....so back to my question....line out or pre out for connecting the itube?

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I contacted Peachtree about their tube circuit being inaudible and there only explanation was that it is more noticeable with lower quality mp3 files....

I call b.s. as I hear no difference with any type file....I am not happy bc I have spent about $150 on 3 tubes thinking they would make a difference....currently an $80 Amperex in there and it dies nothing to the sound

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