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Mario Martinez

PlayClassics master file giveaway for CA members

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Mario, I think you have tracked down the issues below 100 Hz very well. The final drum normalized and the drum/bass/guitar master are well balanced. Some of the presence of the snare and cymbals have been sacrificed for the good of the whole. I would enjoy hearing the Albeniz Iberia, if you would be so kind. Your recording space and recording chain seem ideally suited to this and I look forward to hearing them at their best! Regards, Jay

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We started this thread because we wanted CA members to try the sound of the Truthful Recording Technology on their systems. What we shared with you back then was the most transparent sound we had so far (that was calibration version 1.0). That truly was a great experience. It was a lot of fun being able to share all that with you.


Up to that point we had only used our setup with classical music instruments, but thanks to this thread we started trying new things out. One of the things we tried was a drums set and a rock band. The recorded sound of those instruments was not as transparent as we would have expected. That made us realize there was still some room for improvement on our calibration. We tried to do some fixes over calibration v1.0 but that approach did not seem to work. (Here is the thread where we published those results: PlayClassics Truthful Recording Technology v1.1)


We then knew we would have to re-calibrate from scratch:


I would like to try something new.


I think fixing this minor problems by applying little patches over calibration v1.0 is not going to work.


In order to get good results we might have to re-calibrate from scratch. Do not worry, we are not going to change the sound. We are always aiming at transparency, so even if we do the calibration 100 times we will always end up at almost the same identical place. But this time, I am aware of this little problems, so I will try to deal with them from the beginning.


I might take me a few days, but I will report back as soon as I have something that I am convince of


It has been 5 months since then, but I think it was all worth it. We have a new calibration v2.0 that we would like to share with you. Here is the link to the new thread in case you want to try :)


PlayClassics TRT v2.0 master file giveaway for CA members

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We have given out 99 gift codes so far: 50 for Iberia, 21 for Cabrera plays Debussy, 16 for Debussy Préludes, 8 for Chopin Polish Songs and 4 for Songs of Paolo Tosti.


I am sending the flamenco samples along with all the gift codes. I think listening to such a different instruments in different gender really gives you a feeling of what the hall can do. So far we have given out 21 of those.



Thank you Mario, have got them all.

Need some free time to listen carrefully what you'd produced and will give you personnal feedback asap.


Simple question : how could I make comparison with normal recordings ? Do you expect an A/B evaluation or an absolute one?

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Hello everyone!


I have got something new I would like to share with you.


Lots of things have happened since the last time we talked. It was on fall of 2016 that we decided that we would upgrade our piano. Upgrading the piano made us aware of some issues we thought we could resolve. It has been 18 months but we have finally come with a new version of our sound (TRT v3.0).


I have posted a new topic for this purpose called PlayClassics TRT v3.0 sneak preview


I would really appreciate it if you would be willing to test this new sound on your systems see how it turns out :)

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