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River of Sorrow DSD Download

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River of Sorrow is now available as a Stereo DSD Download from First Impression Music (FIM)


"It's stunning at many levels. The sonics are one of the best I have in my collection and the music is deep, flowing, beautiful and completely different to your normal diet of Jazz, Rock and Classical. This is Chniese classical music, mainly featuring the erhu. The erhu has a very rich tone, testing many aspects of your system in midrange and treble region. But forget about all that audiophile stuff - if you enjoy music you owe it to yourself to try this album and be surprised ! Performance: 5 Stars, Sonics: 5 Stars."


River of Sorrow - FIMDSD032.jpg



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The FIM release I'd LOVE to find as a high rez download is "Hush! The Angels Are Singing". Beautiful album.


Hush! The Angels Are Singing.jpg


Anyone know if this is available anywhere?


"River of Sorrow" is also wonderful and I'm glad it's available now.

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River of Sorrow is now available as a Stereo DSD Download from First Impression Music (FIM)








Thanks for bringing this release to our attention. I have River of Sorrow as a K2HD CD, which sounds very good, but a DSD version is quite enticing too. The K2HD version is posterior to the SA-CD.net quote that you inserted in your message. So there is a chance that the K2HD treatment brings sonic improvements, but on the other hand redbook delivery is not DSD. Without hearing, it is difficult to anticipate which one is likely to sound better. Would you have had a chance to hear both the K2HD 16/44.1 and the DSD and have a view about which sounds better?

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