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iDAC 2 - Quad DSD256 / PCM 384Khz / USB DAC & headphone amp

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On 1/2/2018 at 4:58 AM, buonassi said:

thx, good to get some reassurance.  Do you think upgrading USB audio cables between both computer/iUSB and iUSB/iDac, will add any sonic difference?  The cables that come with the iFi units look to be good quality, are USB 3.0, and are very short.  My hope is that these cables will not pose an issue given such short length, especially with the reclocker in the mix.  And the USB 3.0 spec - no idea if that is superior to asynchronous transmission integrity.  My gut feeling tells me I'll be fine with the stock cables, but gremlins always seem to punch me in the gut when it comes to my audio fidelity quest.  


I read somewhere, can't remember where, that appliances like the schiit eitr or the iUSB3.0 have much more "apparent" effect on SQ than USB cables, and cables would only be the "cherry on top" if you will.  


I did use the stock/included USB cable between the iUSB3.0 and iDAC2 for quite some time, and did not find it to be lacking in any way. 

However at some point I did some rearranging in 2 other systems, ended up with a surplus dual head Gemini USB cable which I then repurposed/employed on the above set-up. There was a small but noticeable difference for the better. Impossible for anyone to quantify that for you in terms of cost/benefit, you'd have to try one in your system to see if you hear the same as I did.

On the input side of the iUSB 3.0 I use a DH Labs USB cable, largely because of it's 2 meter length, the Mac mini source computer is located far enough away that it was the only USB cable I had that would reach.



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