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PS audio phono converter

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PS audio is doing a lot of work on trying to get music from vinyl to digital file. Just wanted to see anyone has done a conversion from vinyl to digital and compared the sound quality?


FYI i do own the PS audio DS stream and player. They have done a great job in making digital sound very musical for the price point.

Music after life

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The DS-DAC-10R supports the 5.6 MHz and 2.8 MHz DSD format—for playback and recording—as well as PCM formats up to 192 kHz/24-bit, and has a built-in phono equaliser compatible with the standard RIAA curve used when cutting records, as well as five other equalisation curves...




an accurate picture

Sono pessimista con l'intelligenza,


ma ottimista per la volontà.

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Considering HDtracks, first, some history :

I was pointed to this thread from sa-cd.net. As I said, I have written to Qobuz with my real name and position in order to demand an explanation, as these things could be rather damaging to us, and certainly tricks the buyer into paying for something it isn't, and never was, namely a 24/96 recording.

With the risk of being accused of touting my own goods, I have to say that you should buy BIS stuff from eClassical.com High Resolution FLAC & MP3 Classical Music Download Store. Here you will, at a rather better price, get the real thing, and advertised as such. End advertisement.


I am outraged by situations like this: several years ago, I was drawn and quartered on sa-cd.net, because HDTracks wrongly sold our first SACD:s in 24/88,2, when in fact they were 24/44,1. At the time I had no idea that HDTracks even existed. They had got hold of my physical SACD:s and ripped the DSD layer, then advertised them to be 24/88,2. I didn't know anything about this, but I was named a liar and a cheat etc. Very uncomfortable. So what did HDTracks do? They blamed BIS!!!! This is why, since that day, they are under an absolute boycot from BIS - they get nothing to sell.

I hope that this will not get that far with Qobuz, but the fact that they haven't even deigned to answer me in a week speaks badly for them.

I have no problems whatsoever in cutting off anyone from selling our stuff, who doesn't live up to the very basic rules of transparency and honesty. Basta!!


BTW, we now exclusively record in 24/96 or 24/192.


Robert (von Bahr, CEO, BIS Records and eClassical)

And the following exchange from April last year :

Post by bissie:

What alternative did I have to disseminate my 24/44' date='1 surround recordings, GIVEN THAT I RIGHTLY CONSIDERED DVD-A STILLBORN, professionally and commercially in the present marketplace, except SACD?




And so I did. That forced me to use DSD for PCM originals and thus to convert, upsampling or not.


That doesn't give anybody any right to advertise the original sampling rate as anything else than what it was. You didn't ask me or react, you just did what HDTracks demanded. Surely, being the professional you are, you must have noted that the files were not 24/88,2. If so, why didn't you react or at least tell HDTracks? And, if you did, why did they misstate it anyway?

Something doesn't smell well here. How many other labels/other recordings are falsely passed off for (and charged for) what they're not with HDTracks?





Post by [b']DSD_mastering[/b] (Bruce Brown, Owner/Engineer Puget Sound Studios):

That's just it Robert. We didn't check to see what the native sample rate was. We were just told to get the DSD information off the disc and down sample to 176.4/88.2 We were never asked to check the file provenance.


The first we heard about it was probably the same as you... from the forums. Then we had to go back and check our 2 year catalog, track by track. No, you were not the only one that recorded in 24/44.1 and released on SACD


80% of the content on HDtracks are the DSD files that was taken from SACD's.


And besides, the labels, the owners of the content, commissioned me to get this information from the disc because it was the only master files they had.



an accurate picture

Sono pessimista con l'intelligenza,


ma ottimista per la volontà.

severe loudspeaker alignment »




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