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Luxman DA-06 DAC + FREE Shunyata Venom Digital Power Cord

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SHUNYATA RESEARCH VENOM Digital Power Cable with Purchase ($400 value)

"The Luxman DA-06 DAC reproduces music with a rich tonal balance and silky smooth midrange, yet a satiating amount of transparency. The DA-06 is unique among DACs I've heard in recent memory because of those qualities. This is a DAC for listening to and being enveloped by one's favorite music."


- Chris Connaker, The Computer Audiophile (full review here)

Advancing the state of the art, the LUXMAN DA-06 can handle up to 24/192 though its AES and S/PDIF inputs, and up to 2x DSD via USB and there are user-selectable filters for both PCM and DSD. The arch-enemy of data playback is jitter (noise generated by timing errors) - the fluctuation of the signal. By use of a dedicated transformer to cancel the common mode noise from the USB terminal, the DA-06 utilizes asynchronous transmission by DSP (Digital Signal Processing). In addition an internal DAIR (Digital Audio Interface Receiver) helps reduce the jitter by asynchronous processing of the S/PDIF input. Finally, it is equipped with low phase noise clock modules.


Digital inputs are upsampled and processed at 32/384 and there are USB, SPDIF, AES/EBU and Toslink inputs on the back. DSD files played back on the Luxman DA-06 have a musicality and fluidity that are rarely heard in digital playback.


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