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Tablet UI for elderly (for remote PC -> USB D2A)

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How do you do,


I am looking for a solution for my dad's audio system:

1) Tablet app (iOS or Android) with *large fonts and easy interface* to browse albums on remote PC via WiFi

2) PC software that will work with the app. Ideally should be able to play DSD files.

3) Lower priority: The software should auto load/unload music if a USB storage is plugged in.


The PC will output via USB into a Marantz SA8005 (D2A) (-> NAD M3 -> MA PL200).


I'll likely get an Intel NUC PC or something similar.

4) I will welcome suggestions on the PC as well: Low power, small, fanless, SSD, reliable.


Thank you!

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Hi zordex. When I tried to do this for my dad (for music and audiobooks) I found that his intention tremors prevented him using a tablet successfully. If your dad has any degree of tremor, you may want to have him try out some simple tasks on your phone, tablet, or ipod. For example, is it effortless for him to click where he wants to click and is he able to swipe left and right as needed to go from album to album? This is worth checking out before you go further, if you haven't already.


Two applications that do have remotes are iTunes and JRiver. JRiver has quite a bit of complexity but may be fine after you've done the initial configuration. It would be worth trying iTunes since both it and its Remote are free and the UI is simple. Not sure how it performs on PC, however, as I've not tried it there. Also JRiver has an active help forum -- and you may want to post your query there.

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