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Red Wine Audio Cassabria Tube Hybrid Headphone amp - dual XLR balanced output

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Asking $1200 with NOS tube, Original MSRP was $1850 with good but cheap modern tube


The is a very good condition (maybe 2 years old) Red Wine Audio Cassabria hybrid tube amp. This particular unit has dual balanced 4-pin XLRs outputs instead of the standard version which had both SE and XLR outputs. Red Wine Audio components are all capable of being powered by their internal Lithium ion batteries or can run with the charger engaged. The absolute empty background silence when running in full battery mode is hard to describe unless you hear it.


Product page: Cassabria – Headphone Amplifier


This balanced output stage is rated at 5W rms and was developed to be paired with Audeze LCD headphones. That is how I have been using it and it is a brillant match in my opinion. The only reason I'm selling it is I need to condense my system and am going to an all in one.


I have a few very nice tubes of which I will include one of with the amp at your choice.


I have:

Telefunken E88CC which has maybe 150 hours on it, $180 to buy one - mid to late 1960s; crystal clear, this is my favorite tube with this amp

Mullard ECC88/12AX7 - Early 1960s vintage I believe; probably the most mellow sounding of the tubes I have

Amprex 7308 - 1960s, around $100 to buy one; very nice, bright but still very smooth



Red Wine Audio is still fully supported by Vinnie Rossi, who offers wonderful customer service. This unit is discontinued but he will still fully support it. I have heard and compared this to bigger names like Cavalli and Eddie Current and I think this unit stacks up very well to those bigger names.

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