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Anyone Driving HE-1000's with OPPO HA-1 DAC/AMP?

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Not using Oppo, but I use HE 1000's with an Antelope Platinum DAC, with quite acceptable results, for occasional listening sessions. Although I do think a dedicated head amp is the way to go. The Zodiac is an excellent DAC, but when you listen to a top quality pair of headphones through a dedicated head amp....you realise what you are missing...

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This is a terrible first post to make, and it continues the string of replies offering the opposite answer than what you want, but several people have reported that the microZOTL2.0 (a product whose manufacturer I work for) powers the HE-1000 exceptionally well, and it's just about the same price as the Oppo HA-1, though it doesn't have a DAC, and it's not available in silver. The Oppo should be alright, it has low and high gain, and the HE-1000's 35 ohm impedance is within its 32-600 ohm recommended range.

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