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Looking for a good DAC to compliment by Audioengine A2s

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Hello, I'm new to these forums and also to the "computer audiophile" scene. I recently purchased a pair of the Audioengine A2 speakers after reading many great reviews. I'm thinking my next addition should be a good DAC to go along with them. Any suggestions? I'm leaning towards the Nuforce Icon. My budget is between $200-$300.


Also, I was wondering if I should invest in a good soundcard? I currently use the onboard sound on my Asus P6 motherboard. I don't have the sounds specs on me now, but could provide them once i get home from work.


Thank you for any help you can provide.




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Don't worry about your soundcard; your new dac will replace its functionality. DACs to consider are the Apogee One, Valab dac, Devilsound dac, grant fidelity Dac 09, Musical Fidelity V-dac, and the Cambridge audio Dac magic. Each have their fans. Personally, I'm a fan of the Grant Fidelity dac but I also appreciate the Apogee sound in the duet (I haven't heard the One, but their tech support indicated that they sound very similar).


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I run a pair of AE-2's with a Musical Fidelity V-dac. 24/96 Upsampling works well for my MP3 collection from Amazon (256Kb). I find the pairing w the AE2's very pleasing. It has good midrange definition and enough base for my study setup.


Picked up the V-dac for $200 from Headfi.org (used, almost new condition).




PS Audio DirectStream DSD Bridge -> Classe CA-2200 - >B&W 803-D2, Nordost Tyr cabled. Synology NAS, MinimServer, BubbleDS.

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