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Optimal LPS voltage to power REGEN

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It has more than ample power, but a cord would need to be made.

Can you power 2 Regans with a Breeze Audio? Is there a power cord with two plugs.


Win10 i9 9900KS/GTX1060 HQPlayer4>Win10 NAA

DSD>Pavel's DSC2.6>Bent Audio TAP>

Parasound JC1>"Naked" Quad ESL63/Tannoy PS350B subs<100Hz

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Got the El Cheapo a few days ago. It shows 9.16V, and I left it there. Seems to work fine and sounds a little better than the Regen supplied MW. There is a discusssion of voltage on the Uptone Audio Web site. The jist of it is that 9V is fine even if a DAC uses the 5V supply, as the drop down produces only 2 Watts. 12V on the other hand would result in 3.5 Watts, which is getting to the unsafe range.

For my system details, please see my profile. Thank you.

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