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Amarra pre-gap


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Dear Amarra users,


I saw many complains that Amarra's forces pre-gaps where they should not be. I'm going to buy Amarra and I have another question (problem). All Mac software players start playing the track exactly when you push the button, immediately. In the real CD player it happens another way - you press the button and the sound comes in about two seconds, which I found to be the right way, as you can concentrate on the beginning of the sound, I found it very important. So, please, tell me - does Amarra put such pre-gap? I mean not the silence between tracks, when the whole album is listened, but silence BEFORE the song, when you listen for just single tracks, one from this album, one from another, the two-seconds silence after you push "play" or "enter". Or, as all the rest, it starts playing immediately?




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Dear Vassili,


I too have a gap while Amarra starts playing. But this is a very very slight gap. "Long" enough to be mentioned but slight enough not to complain. In other words, mine is definately not a 2 seconds delay. it is around 0.5 seconds. I told myself that this gap was necessary to Amarra to adapt to the incoming datas (time to activate DSP etc).


Beside this first starting gap, as far as I am concerned, there are no other delays while moving from a song to another, or an album to another. Again, the gap I experienced is only due to restarting Amarra.


Have you explore a RAM problem ? Amarra needs RAM (at least 2 Go) to run. Better if your computer is dedicated to run Amarra (and no other softwares at the same time).


Saying that, this problem of a too long gap has been mentioned by many members and the experience of it is very hieratic. Some have it, some don't. It seems that SS is aware of this and is working on a solution to solve / stabilize it.




MPB/iTunes + Audirvana / Amarra / AVS 3D - Accuphase E 550 / DAC 30 - Apertura Altra Signature

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