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Trouble getting ALL related library files (artwork) to Drobo

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Hello everyone. I have finally entered the world of computer audio. After much research and visiting sites like this one, I now have a mac mini with a Drobo connected via firewire feeding my main system. I am at the very beginning of things - I am just about to embark on importing all of my CDs and I am looking for the best method of storing my iTunes library.


Here is the problem. I got everything up and running. I made a mirror image of the Music folder on my Mac Mini's harddrive on the Drobo (in that folder is iTunes > iTunes Music, etc.) I then set the itunes folder through preferences to point to the one on the Drobo instead of the one on my internal hard drive. I then imported a couple CD's. All was working fine and I was excited about moving on to the rest of my collection when I realized that only the music was being saved to the Drobo - the artwork and other files were still being saved on the internal hard drive.


Ideally, I'd bypass the internal hard drive all together and keep everything related to iTunes on the Drobo but I can't figure out how to set that up. Can anyone help there? I've found tons of documentation online on how to move your music folder and what not but nothing seems to offer a solution for the artwork and other files. I'd like to figure this out before importing any more of my CDs.


...Or maybe I am completely missing something and there is a much better, more simple way to run itunes off your external drive keeping everything together? How does everyone else have their itunes music server configured?


Thanks! This site is the best.


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I'm assuming you now have a "drive" on your desktop called Drobo, and within that is a folder called iTunes and within iTunes is an iTunes Music folder ...


[Edit ... added information] First off, start iTunes holding the option key down, this will prompt iTunes to ask you to load or create a new library - browse and select the library on the Drobo


Within iTunes, goto the preferences (iTunes menu, Preferences) and click on Advanced tab.


There is a box for "iTunes Media folder location", click Change. Browse to the correct location on your Drobo, the path will be something like /Drobo/iTunes/iTunes Music


Come out of preferences and into the File menu, under Library click Organise Library. This will make sure all your music is on the Drobo and all references point to the Drobo.






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The easiest way to accomplish this is to leave the iTunes Music folder inside the iTunes folder like a standard installation. Then copy the complete iTunes folder to your Drobo. Then hold down option when opening iTunes for the first time since the file copy and select the library on the Drobo. That's it.


Somewhat similar to this video http://www.computeraudiophile.com/content/How-Move-iTunes-Library-Music-One-Computer-Another-Part-I


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Guys, This worked great.

I had read plenty about the "hold down Option while opening iTunes" thing but I was under the impression it was for people who were switching back and forth between two library. For example, switching between uncompressed for home and compressed for syncing with an ipod. I didn't realize it could make a perminent change or a change between library locations. I also assumed that since I was starting from scratch with brand new hardware and software with nothing in my library, that I wouldn't need to select or create a new library.

I am in good shape now and I'm well on the path to importing all my music.

Thanks again.



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