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dvd-audio pc player software


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hi all - Im new here and this may have come up before - where can i get a DVD-AUDIO software player better than InterVideo_WinDVD_7_Platinum or POWER DVD - I cant seem to use the old Creative MediaSource DVD-Audio Player with my X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro Series card ( http://drivers.softpedia.com/progDownload/Creative-MediaSource-DVD-Audio-Player-20078-Download-66575.html ) it comes with the awful POWER DVD software . I want to be able to browse / choose the sample frequencies etc , and play more than one track at a time, HELP ! thanks kevin


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"Hi Kevin - I suggest ripping

Hi Kevin - I suggest ripping the DVD-Audio discs to your hard drive with DVDAExplorer. This way you can use the files like every other piece of music you own."



As Chris says, this works very well. You can also burn your own DVD-As with the inexpensive program DVD-Audio Solo, as suggested by Linn Records. This program does not prohibit Digital OUT either.

Please note that DVDAExplorer does not remove watermarking, so if you make DVD-A compilations using these ripped DVD-A files, some DVD-A players will only play a track for a few seconds before recognising this digital ID and shut down.




Although I now use an Asus Xonar card, I left on the Creative Media Source Player software, (previous card was X-FI Extreme Music) and I am able to play DVD-A, and other .wav files at a considerably higher quality than players such as Foobar with the Asio plug in. A few friends have also found the much maligned Creative software better than much of the competition. When I move to Windows 7, I will most likely try Peter St's XXHE, which a friend of mine gets very good results from. Have you tried downloading the latest software version for your model directly from the Creative site, and enabled auto updates ?



How a Digital Audio file sounds, or a Digital Video file looks, is governed to a large extent by the Power Supply area. All that Identical Checksums gives is the possibility of REGENERATING the file to close to that of the original file.


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