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Windows 7 and media player problems, help please!


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Hi all,


I am using Windows 7 64 7100


I recently bought a 1.5 internal drive for my music, transfered the music over, but suffered with media player constantly updating the media library.


I have also suffered from track information changing, and being unable to edit it back, as it seems I need admin rights, but don't have permision from myself?


I have moved my music back to it's original location and am still suffering the above.


As you can imagine it's doing my head in, every time I swtch media player on I have no access to music for ages until the library updates, and every time I switch media player off I have to go back through this tedious process.


Any help would be appreciated




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From reading the trade press around Windoze 7 the default log-in is NOT the administrator. When you first start the PC you may see a log in window asking for a username and password. Then you'll either need to log in as 'administrator' or 'admin' -- the password is usually blank on a new machine -- and then you'll have administrative rights. If you do not see this, you may have to go to control panel, user accounts and tell it to show the administrator log in. After that I'm guessing but there are probably settings in WMP that will let you control updates to the library and so forth. PC World forums are usually pretty good for these sorts of things.


Good Luck!


Ray[br]Viola Player| Parasound HP-850, Acurus A100, Technics SL-M3, Velodyne SPL-II, Mirage Omni 250, Musical Fidelity V-DAC

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I am the administrator.


I will give you an example again.


I had an album ripped with all data and artwork in place.


Today that album shows track 1 as artist unknown and album unknown.


If I try and edit that I get a message saying I need adminsitrator rights, so I press continue. I then get told I require permision from (put my name and such here) to make changes to this file?




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