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I am wondering how this CA site assigns the superior titles to members such as "Master" Senior, and

other indicators? Most of them seem to be pushing software or products, or in some cases, are

audio reviewers. Many of them are truly very verbose in their assessments and suggestions, and as a

member since 2009 (also a contributor for sometime) followed many of these "experts".


This is not a political opinion but just a question as to the criteria as to elitists assignments from

someone, a member since 2009, am listed as a newbie, versus "Masters" who have only been here for 1 or 2 years.


No insults or slights intended as I am not a software developer or audio designer, but a mere retired EE who loves music.


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Chris will know better, but I think the only thing the title (which you can manually override by the way, see mine) reflects is the number of posts. So Master just means you've been writing a lot, and doesn't judge the content :-)


And in terms of any seller "pushing" products on this forum, I think so far this has been rather well managed, and the recently introduced "sponsored" threads should give even more clarity.

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