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Mac OX - Upgrades - Associated software providers sort your act out


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Just a quickie about my lack of being a happy bunny with a number of software providers...now Mac OX snow leopard has been in the wings a long time...what i would expect is a clear statement of intent if the current software either will work with the new OX, or not or if a new update is required....I cant say I've been impressed with the clarity of fact when a new OX is available...what with hrs spent, install, undo....I'm just asking our computer audiophile software providers to be crystal clear please...


1. Put in on the site "yes" it works "no" is doesnt

2. Make its availble if an new driver etc is required (no hidden out of hours passwords please)

3. Make sure it works if it is available!


Just my 2p worth....but communication is king here....££££ 's for software/DAC's ...I cant see its that difficult imho


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I agree communication is very important and could head off many "concerned" consumer emails. I can think of a few pieces of software I am waiting for and I have no idea when the new Snow Leopard version will be available. I am speaking from the consumer side and I'm sure there is another side to this story, but I can't figure out what it would be. Communication is all that's needed.


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