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Question on Ripping AIFF and GIF generator


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I'm about have several questions, the first of which is about ripping.




How can I use iTunes to rip to AIFF. Is there some software that is a superior solution? I try with the steps convert a song to a different file format, but it seems I failed.




I keep several video of mine, and I want to make a vivid gif out of it. How can I do it? Should I use some tools to help me. How is the Imgur Video to GIF generator? Is there a batch tool out there? Please tips.

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Regarding AIFF. Open iTunes>Preferences>General. Towards bottom of window: "When CD Is Inserted:" set to " Show CD. Next select Import Settings>Import Using: set to AIFF Encoder. Below that check box "Use error correction when reading audio CDs.


If if you are on a Mac other softwares that can be used to rip to AIFF are XLD and DbPoweramp for Mac

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