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Okay, maybe SSD, maybe not - MBR/GUID partition issue?

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I'm not happy with some clickity noises the original drive in my G5 is making. Or maybe I'm just looking for an excuse to buy a SSD. But seriously, I have a hard time telling whether the clickity-clack noises I'm hearing (usually only when booting up) is a sign of no so good things to come. Anyway, in that spirit, I took an interest in looking at more SSDs as an option. I spoke to the techs at rocket whatever - the ones who sell Mtron - and they couldn't confirm yay or nay whether their 3.5 ssd would work in the power g5. THEN i ran across a post on another board written by another user with an G5 PowerMac who had purchased an OCZ ssd and said that it would recognize the drive when the computer was booted from a different drive but when you attempted to boot OSX from the OCZ drive, it wouldn't boot. It ended up being some sort of partition issue - the ssd has to be an MBR partition rather than a GUID partition. Note that I really don't understand this but I DO understand that the newly cloned drive wouldn't initially work. Anyone have any experience with this specific problem with G5s and SSDs?


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