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Weiss DAC 2 - Problem with Firewire Output

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I'm using Vista 64bit, firewire output, Foobar ASIO - any sampling rate output to the DAC in 44.1 or multiples of (ie: 176.4) come out very staticy sound, undiscernable, gibberish.


When I let windows set the sampling rate and upsample to say 24/196 sent to the dac, all is well.


I've spent over 2 weeks trying to figure this out with no avail.


Pls help :(


Daniel has been responsive but no solution is found as yet.


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Could you perhaps give some suggestions... at least with that it gives me something to work on, or some ideas.


I've really tried everything I can possibly think of. Drivers, settings, different software, WASPI, ASIO...


I'm close to a point where I just going to break the damn computer and buy a MAC.


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Have you tried removing/uninstalling your current asio/asio4all etc. drivers and then re-installing the weiss driver?


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I did do a clean reinstall of the Weiss driver yesterday and same result.


Daniel: I will be trying your new driver tonight and will report back.


I think it has something to do with the Weiss driver, the reason is when I'm in windows setting the sampling rate, there is a box you can click on to "TEST" and windows sends out a test chime/sound. The test sound also comes out as static/gibberish when I'm testing 16/44.1, 24/44.1 etc...

16/48, 24/96,24/192 is all fine.



FYI - my laptop is a Toshiba Sat. A350 with firewire (4pin).


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This is the same problem I am having with my HP Pavilion notebook with Vista 32. To play 44.1 it has to be played at 48 just using "DS Speakers Weiss" in Foobar so the PC is resampling it.

I hope you find a solution as I have spent 3 weeks trying everything I can think of and no luck. Daniel has tried to help me here but still no luck.

If I use a different PC with XP I have no problems.

Sorry I can't help

Noel Brisbane Aus


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Well, at least it's good to know I'm not alone here. So this is an issue which should be looked at.


Daniel has suggested I upgrade to Windows 7. I'm eagerly awaiting the release and will give it a try.

If you do run into a solution please let me know, as it's really frustrating that I can't listen to high rez music in it's native sampling rate. It sounds so much better that way.


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I have it as an upgrade with the laptop but I don't think it will help us.


Just a question on your install of the Weiss program. I can not get the current off the web program it to install without it crashing the laptop but the older program that came on the disc with my unit will install without crashing the laptop. How does yous go with the install?


I thought part of my problem might be that the HP laptop is classed as a media machine and does picture and audio out via the HDMI. I thought there could be something in this as some DVD players will only do 48, 96 and 192 and no 44.1 or combo unless it is resampled to 48. Does this make sense or am I on a wrong track.


Hope we solve this soon.








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I had the same problem with the new Weiss program as well at first but it seems to work ok now.

I would install the program and the BSOD of pop up when I would try to link up the Weiss and have the computer detect it. I uninstalled and reinstalled again. The BSOD came up again and I had to reboot. This time before the computer rebooted I already had the Weiss unit powered up and the program detected it fine.

I just leave the Weiss unit on all the time now and don't power it down and I haven't had any problems.


Regarding the theory that the problem is realted to HDMI, but I have tried disabling the HDMI without any success.


So you have already tried windows 7 on your laptop and the result is the same????


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No I have not tried it. It is just that it really seems to be similar to Vista (some call it service pack 3) but more user frendly so I just thought it won't help.


The BSODs you got are the same as I had here. I even installed the new drivers in the old version manually and that was no help. I also disabled everything that could be associated with sound and uninstalled all the HP programs and windows media player and still no luck.


Lets hope Daniel comes up with a solution SOON.



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Well, I sure hope Windows 7 will solve our issue. I wonder if the problem is related to hardware or if it's an o/s issue.


XP doesn't seem to have this problem so my hopes are high that Windows 7 will work. I also have the free upgrade so I'm waiting on that. Probably won't receive it until late Nov-Dec.


Daniel - we're all compulsive, degenerate audiophiles and need HELP!!! I can't sleep, can't eat, and have been spending every night with my system trying to fix this issue.


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Have been doing a bit of playing around here with the HP that I have and it is not anything to do with the Weiss drivers or the unit that is our problem. I have tried the other digital out HDMI, S/Pdif and tried everything as addins in Foobar to get around the output limitation of 48. The dac I was using gave me a readout of what it was receiving. Nothing will get there so we are stuck with resampling at 48 unless you use wasapi or asio and then I can get 96 and 192 out of the weiss dac wsing firewire. I can't get anything other than 48 out of the other digital outputs. I just hope windows 7 gets us out of this but I have my doubts as it a something in the laptop for sure. If only I could find a way to stop it from giving us this limit.



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Well installed Win7 on the HP notebook and it has the same problem as Vista. It won't give me 44.1 files as 44.1 I have to resample them to 48 to get them out. So I wasted $1500 on a HP Notebook that can't work with the Weiss DAC. I just informed Daniel of the problem again.


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Yes I got one 2 weeks ago and all has been great. I got a TI chipset card and it sounds great better than the CEC cd deck pluged into the AES/EUB. Just can't stop going through my 500gig of Flac files.

All the pain we have had for the last 3 months solved for $50.00.


Happy listening Willy





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Please let me know which Firewire Card worked. I'm having the same problem. Perhaps Weiss should ship the DAC with a Firewire card!


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