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Any Discussion on apps to play Hi Rez (or at least 44khz) files with the new Apple TV

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While this forum is naturally centered on audiophile quality playback and streamers (and rightfully so) a recent post by the Plex honcho indicating that Plex will be available on the new APTV gets me thinking whether the new APTV will be a viable medium to stream uncompressed files. from a nas or mac. Not sure even if the APTV hardware can support this. But if so....


Now i would not expect the ATV to sound anything near a dedicated player ala aurlic etc., but f some- one can write an app it may be a viable second system or super budget way to stream. Of course this app would have to be able to play flac natively without transcoding down to mp3 or its most likely a non starter. (Same thing for the new Chromecast audio- but CC has a seperate thread somewhere on this).


It would be neat if one of the better software companies like jriver, audiovarna etc would be writing an app for the APTV. They may have made announcements but I have not seen them. Thanks for anything comments or thoughts

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