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Getting the Auralic Aries to recognize DSD from Foobar2000

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I'm having a good deal of difficulty playing DSD from foobar to my Aries, using UPnP.


Currently, when I play a DSD file, according to the Lighting DS app, the Aries thinks it's seeing 44.1kHz, 24-bit audio. Relatedly, I also hear no sound when playing DSD files, though that's a bit beside the point. As long as I can get the Aries recognizing DSD input from foobar, I'll be happy with that progress :)


Does anyone have a link to a guide, or instructions on how to get this working?



I'll mention that I've found other, non-Aries-specific guides, and based on those, I've done the following:


- Installed foo_input_sacd and foo_out_asio

- In foobar, set the SACD output mode to DSD

- Installed ASIOProxyInstall.exe

- I have not installed an ASIO driver on my PC for the Aries, as I'm not sure if this is needed (or how to do it if it is)

- In foobar, playback is set to UPnP



Any thoughts?

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Hi Rrolack,


What's your reason for using Foobar2000 as a UPnP/DLNA media server in the first place?


Foobar2000 is essentially a (very decent) music file player application for Windows computers and so not usually used to provide music files for network streaming by UPnP/DLNA supporting renderers, such as the Auralic Aries. It can of course be 'made' to support UPnP/DLNA, with the addition of a plugin component, but this requires a fair amount of understanding of how the UPnP/DLNA functions, that the plugin provides, work & interact with 'main' Foobar2000 and any other plugin components you may already be using with it.


Incidentally, which plugin component are you using with Foobar2000 to provide the UPnP/DLNA support: foo_out_upnp (UPnP MediaRenderer Output) or foo_upnp (UPnP/DLNA Renderer, Server, Control Point)?

foo_out_upnp has many bugs, does not work with many UPnP/DLNA renderers/streamers and has been in beta & unsupported since early 2013, so is definitely worth avoiding and you really should only be using foo_upnp.


Instead of Foobar2000 (plus the foo_UPnP plugin), you may be better off using an actual dedicated music file UPnP media server application that supports streaming DSD files, such as the excellent free MinimServer:

MinimServer features



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