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How to mix software sound into mic output?

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Okay, the past week I've been messing around with soundboards and virtual audio cables... The set up I am using right now is VB Audio cable (creates a virtual audio output and input). I'm using EXP Soundboard. My goal is to play sounds from any piece of software through my mic, WHILE also being able to use that mic. I also do not want any other sound from my computer to be heard outside of the software I'm trying to mix through my mic. Right now I'm able to use VB Audio cable to listen to my speakers/headset, and to play my mic and speakers/headset through the VB cable output. It works pretty well, I can use my soundboard in games on steam and on programs like mumble / teamspeak.. but the issue is they can hear everything on my speakers. I also am forced to listen to my mic through my speakers so I can hear myself while I talk. I know this has to be possible somehow, there has to be some software out there that can splice an audio source into the mic output WITHOUT having to share everything being played on my speakers/headset AND where I don't have to listen to my mic over my speakers/headset. It's the same with virtual audio cable, I imagine, since that just pretty much does what VB audio cable does... just a bit better, and you can have more lines in/out. I'm using USB headset and am not interested in buying any hardware. I assume that this can all be done with software, and if it hasn't been created yet I would be surprised. I am not interested in stereo mix, I assume that would just play everything going through my speakers also.


TL : DR - How can I mix sounds from a specific software source (a soundboard program, windows media player, internet browser etc) into my mic output while also using my mic to talk and not being forced to listen to my mic through my speakers to achieve this? (with out buying any hardware)

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