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How to convert DTS-MA to FLAC


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Some audio only Blu-Rays use DTS-MA for multichannel audio (24 bit 96khz). I want to rip these files to FLAC for my NAS. In the past, I had used DVD Audio Extractor. If the disc was copy protected, I'd use makeMKV to back-up the disc and remove the copy protection, then use DVD Audio Extractor to obtain the FLAC files.


Recently, I discovered that DVD Audio Extractor can only output up to a 24 bit 48khz when the disc is encoded with DTS-MA (even when the source is 24x96).


What's the simplest way to extract the 24x96 DTS-MA to 24x96 FLAC? What program(s) do you use?


My OS is Windows 7.

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Yes, that's the problem. DVDAE can only decode the DTS-core when both core and HD are present. This is a copy/paste from their FAQ:


[h=4]My disc comes with a 96kHz DTS stream, but the extracted result shows as 48kHz. Why?[/h]This is a known limit. For DTS-ES and DTS-HD MA streams which come with a core stream and one or more extended streams, only the core stream (48kHz) is currently decoded by DVD Audio Extractor. And this limit only exists on DTS format. For all other formats like MLP, TrueHD, LPCM, etc, all sample rates are supported. We do look forward to adding full DTS support in the future.


I have now learned to use MakeMKV's "FLAC profile" feature to convert to .mka file and then open with Foobar and extract to FLAC in 24x96. Wondering what other methods were being used. But I'm guessing not too many people are ripping music from Blu-Ray discs from lack of response.


And which stream do others prefer - DTS-MA or Tru-HD to convert to FLAC?

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You can try eac3to (UsEac3to as GUI) and (probably) ffmpeg (only command line) but effectively MakeMKV is the most practical option

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