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Roon fun...

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I love love love Roon (I would marry it if I could, Pee Wee!).


The other day I was listening to an album and the review was something along the lines: "Virtuoso playing but utterly superflous. Complete crap." I am totally amused by this program telling me I'm listening to shit. You gotta love it!

NUC10i7 + Roon ROCK > dCS Rossini APEX DAC + dCS Rossini Master Clock 

SME 20/3 + SME V + Dynavector XV-1s or ANUK IO Gold > vdH The Grail or Kondo KSL-SFz + ANK L3 Phono 

Audio Note Kondo Ongaku > Avantgarde Duo Mezzo

Signal cables: Kondo Silver, Crystal Cable phono

Power cables: Kondo, Shunyata, van den Hul

system pics

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