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done ripping for now....

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Hi Chris,just ripped 279 CD's in 3 days into the Mac mini.I am so stoked to have the ability to select the party shuffle and click on 100 different songs to be played.Its like re-discovering stuff I forgot/havent played in a long while.Very cool.I will report back in a week or two on the Bel Canto Dac with Mac combo.......so system dependant of course,but what the hell.....right now I will say it is very close sounding to the cheap Panasonic that Rik Schultz[EVS] modded a couple of years ago......maybe a little smoother?????You would hope so with that Dac on board.......once again,thanks for your support in getting me up and running.Soon,I will be bothering you about external HD's as I filled the computers already......nice rain today,hope all is well over there....regards,Bob



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Hey Bob - Good to hear things are going smooth over there. Using a computer as a transport is such a great thing for realizing all the great music you have! When it's all at your fingertips it is just so dang easy. I've purchased a lot more music since going to a Mac and getting rid of my Lexicon Universal player.


I'll be ready for the next step in your project. Post away and I'll be happy to help.


P.S. I'll take this rain any day over snow!


Founder of Audiophile Style | My Audio Systems

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