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I'm embarassed to be posting this, but how do I rip a CD into Audivarna?


I'm using a MacMini with the Apple Optical Drive.


I imported the iTunes library during the initial set-up wizard.


Now, Inserting a CD (in this case, Toots Thielemans Only Trust Your Heart)


iTunes takes over an imports the CD. It works fine in iTunes.


How do I get Toots into Audivarna? The Manual for Audivarna 2.2 seems to indicate I have to go into preferences and Sync my iTunes library.


So, all that has accomplished is to import the image for the Toots album into my existing Audivarna Diana Krall "Only Trust Your Heart", which is just a new mess to sort out.


What is the easiest way for a Dummy to rip/ import a CD into Audivarna Plus 2.2.3?

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