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Play music wirelessly from iPhone to NAD D3020

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Hi there. I'm a newbie in computer audio so I really need your help here. I have a NAD D3020 amp and Q Acoustics Concept 20 speakers. They are not a very high end products but I find their price quite reasonable for a newbie. Anyway, I will mainly be playing songs from Apple music with my iPhone . So my questions are:


1. What is the best way to to wirelessly play these songs from my iPhone on this set up? The best solution I found is to Airplay to Apple TV or Airport Express and optical out to NAD S3020. I'm just wondering if there are other possibilities. (Apart from Bluetooth)


2. Are there any noticeable differences in sound quality between Bluetooth and Airplay? (My amp and speakers are not high end and I don't have audiophile ears :-D). If not, then I will not waste my money on Apple TV or Airport Express.

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Hello Jankij Sometimes the people on this forum are so involved with the high end pursuits they don't want to be bothered with those of us who don't know an awful lot. However for the MOST part this forum is filled with totally brilliant posters who are willing to help. I have learned most of what i know about computer audio from the posters on this site. Now to your question, I have been using iTunes along with Airport Express/Apple TV for many years. (Wirelessly) I experienced some occasional "drop outs" several years ago so i wired all my systems. (ethernet cabling throughout my home) (i have 4 apple tv's 1 airport extreme (main router)1 airport express along with various systems. The NAD D3020 is an excellent amp. I think your idea of using either an airport express or apple tv with your iPhone will work very well. Hopefully you will get some advice about "tweaking" your set up from others on the site but for now the use of airplay and staying in the Apple architecture is solid IMO. The NAD D3020 was designed exactly for the way you are streaming to it. You have a nice set up. Now go listen and enjoy!!

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one more thing. Bluetooth has improved remarkably over the past 3 years or so. I am a novice like you but from what i have read couching the question in the terms you did - you may NOT discern a difference between the bluetooth and airplay with respect to SQ. Honestly i have read pros and cons on both sides of this. The fact is however that your amp will play bluetooth as good as it can be played. (for now at least) Why not find a friend who has either/or an apple tv/airport express and do a test for yourself. Now the ATV's are 69 bucks the AE i think 99 if you were to buy. But let me just say this. My apple tv's have been a great addition to my total home audio/video entertainment environment. (With the streaming features etc) The new Apple TV's WILL NOT have the optical out however. If you own a TV the apple tv would be the way to go IF you decide the airplay route...

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