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music server questions

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i'm new to setting up a music server and have some questions. i came across a post here about using an apple tv and controlling it via ipod touch. this is extremely appealing to me as i don't need to switch a computer on to listen to music!

However, i'm not keen on using the apple tv as it doesn't output via usb. i was thinking of using a qnap NAS and connecting it to a dacmagic via usb and controlling it via an ipod touch (as the qnap NAS has a built in itunes server). is this possible? or do i still need to have my computer on to access the music on the NAS?

It would be wonderful if you guys could help me out. thanks!


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A QNAP NAS can't play back music by itself even with a USB capable DAC. You could use the QNAP with a Squeezebox or Sonos device, connecting the squeezebox either direct, or via a DAC to improve quality (via SPDIF not USB). This could then be controlled using the iPeng app on an iPod Touch or iPhone.






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One alternative is to:


Ethernet into a SONOS box spdif to your DAC. The sonos box is on all the time. The sonos can be controlled via iphone/ipod.


If you want to then step up the quality, reclock the output of the sonos box. I've tested this and it performs at 90%+ of a my system below.


A downside is that you can only play 16bit/44.1 sound (other files get adapted down).


There may be other Ethernet/spdif solutions I have not tested these - I have tested the sonos.




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