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Hello everyone,


I was hoping that someone might be able to advise.


I have a CH Precision C1, I would like to access content on a macbook hard drive.


I have MinimServer running. Content scanned. As I am not using an Andorid device, I have PlugPlayer installed on my iPad and I can see and access the content on the hard drive via the MinimServer.


But PlugPlayer cannot see the C1 Renderer?


The C1 is linked via ethernet to a router, which has been setup as an access point downstream of my main router. This is useful since it allows me to have wireless connectivity throughout the house.


My iPhone (wireless) and Macbook (ethernet wired) are both running on from this access point without issue. But the C1 reads:


'DSP Booting' on start up, followed by 'Network Config' and 'No Audio Signal'.


I presume there might be some settings that I have wrong either within the access point (router) or the C1 itself.


Thank you.

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You're probably aware of this, but for someone else reading.


You're using DLNA / UPnP on the devices. Using their terminology


MinimServer is a Server

Your C1 is the Renderer

Plugplayer is the Controller


There are a couple of possibilities I can think of.


The C1 networking isn't active

Networking isn't set up correctly

Plugplayer isn't working as expected -- it can take a while for a Renderer to show up sometimes.


So, you might try another controller, like Bubble.

You might see if you can prove that the C1 is actually on the network. Is it visible from the Mac?


There is a nice utility that one of our users wrote. It's called Digital Media Renderer Analyser.

Media Renderer Analyser by Whitebear


It should tell you a lot about what the Renderer exposes. If it doesn't see the Renderer, you can work on that problem next.

Jim Hillegass / JRiver Media Center / jriver.com

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Can you somewhere on the Renderer get access to a Network settings screen?


Have a look to make sure that it's set to get IP address via DHCP and then check that there is a DHCP address allocated.


Now check on your MacBook the IP Address is in the same range as that allocated to the rendered. E.g. If the laptop is the renderer should be something like (usually just the last number should be different).


It's also worth checking on the router that the renderer device is seen - usually there is a list of connected devices on the web page setup.



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While I agree "Everything may matter" working out what actually affects the sound is a trickier thing.

And I agree "Trust your ears" but equally don't allow them to fool you - trust them with a bit of skepticism.

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