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Audirvana - can't get to play through Airplay


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Hello, I wonder if anyone can help... I can't get AP 2.2 to play through Airplay to an Apple TV connected to a DAC. I was able to get it to work some weeks back, but no more. I have preferred audio device set to Airplay, I have Airplay NOT selected in iTunes and in Sound preferences I have audio output set to internal speakers. Thanks..

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Here it works. I have installed Airfoil to catch the audiostream. In Airfoil I select to which Airplay Speakers (e.g. Apple TV) and activate the streaming to it (by clicking on the music symbol). Disadvantage of Airfoil is for me that when I want to play on my local device (Mac Mini connected to DAC) I need to also stream Airfoil to 'computer' (=local device) but am afraid Airfoil negatively influences the audio stream. To avoid this I only activitate Airfoil if I want to listen to music in the room where I have the Apple TV.


I have also tried to select the Airplay as an audio device but that doesn't seem to work here. Not sure why though. but I am very happy to hear from other how it should work out!

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I am having a very similar issue. A+ 2.2 won't play through the Airport Express that feeds my hifi system. Neither will A+ 1.5. iTunes plays fine through the AE (I don't have iTunes simultaneously with A+.)


In the past I've used A+ 1.5 extensively to play through the AE, from a different computer. I just started using a new iMac 21.5" i5, so I don't know why there would be an issue. I've only used A+ 2.2 for the last couple of days.


I thought that there might be something obvious I'm missing, but I'm not finding it. For now, I am leaving A+ set to built-in output and using Airfoil to get the music to my system.

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