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MPD on OS-X Snow Leopard

Andrew S.

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I've ported this on Leopard before but not snow leopard, this was back with mpd .14. The Mac version uses coreaudio, so you don't need to worry about ALSA. Coreaudio is also the bad thing about using OS X though, as you're still dealing with coreaudios src issues. OS X is a good way to familiarize yourself with mpd, but if you're serious about getting bit perfect sound and automatic sample rate matching your better off with Linux.


My mpd.conf file only had the following lines uncommented:

music_directory "/Users/myprofilename/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music"

playlist_directory "/Library/mpd/playlists"

db_file "/Library/mpd/mpd.db"

log_file "/Library/mpd/mpd.log"

error_file "/Library/mpd/mpd.error"


I used Macports to port it over, not sure what you did. In my case with macports mpd.conf needed to be in /opt/local/etc, and the directories described above most likely needed to be created by hand - I know this is true for the Linux version, can't remember what I did on the mac before though.





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