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Who would you invite to dinner?

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Maybe true, but think about what how you would be as you were about to bear your soul before a group of strangers. Besides, it was just a last moment addition to equalize the m-f ratio. I am thinking he would relax a bit after dinner and a couple of drinks!

I saw Ray when he was Ray "Charles" Lamontagne in a little pub in Mystic, CT. He seemed painfully shy and although it was one of the best shows I've seen, probably the best in a small bar, I can't imagine he'd be great dinner company.


I would have Jim Strickland over so I could ask him when he plans to get back into speaker (Acoustat) production. Neil Young (which side does he belong on?) because he seems like he'd be a good conversationalist, and I'm a lifelong fan.


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Agree with Mr. Zappa, but with him I would invite my gone friend Hervé, who met him 3 years ago.

Otherwise I'd opt for Jonathan Richman, (Joe Strummer, John Belushi,) Steve Wynn, Little Steven, Tom Morello, Mike Scott and Cat Power.


Anyone who met Frank Zappa 3 years ago...was most definitely GONE!

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Dylan. If you ever listened to Theme Time Radio Hour, the guy knows *everything* about music. And Keef, 'cause of a million stories and you know everyone's gotta have a good time with him around. (Reminds me - for those who picked Tom Waits, Rickie Lee Jones says he used to walk around dinner parties with a handful of guacamole shaking hands with everyone he met.)


In the Gogol (Dead Souls) department, John of course. And if I wanted to take a huge risk, Miles.

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Feeling the need for a subject away from things digital I was thinking who I would invite to dinner from the music/equipment worlds.


I personally would love a table for 4 with David Byrne, Kate Bush and Nelson Pass, over a dinner of something funky by Anne Burrell!


Any thoughts?



From an Equipment Standpoint, I would like to have dinner with Nelson Pass, Dan D'Agostino, and Richard Vandersteen.


From a Musical Standpoint, then I would invite Stevie Wonder (from an admiration standpoinit) and Toni Braxton (from a personal and possible romantic standpoint).


With some Jazz playing in the background.



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Oh, definitely Keith Richards. His famous quote about when you know a party was good (which I will refrain from trying to replicate, but you can look it up or use your imagination).

And equally definitely Miles if he were still roaming the planet. Jello Biafra would be an interesting addition.


And Neko Case, Joni Mitchell, okay that is four plus one ethereal.

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...Otherwise I'd opt for Jonathan Richman...


When we were in college, we booked Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers for a concert in the dining hall. We invited them to our house for dinner before the show, and Jonathan accepted! It was a VERY memorable evening.


I would really love to have dinner (vegetarian) w/ Paul McCartney. In addition to have so much to talk about, he strikes me as a very nice person.

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