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Ipod videos question

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I know the answer here is going to be "do what I want" so with that said...

160g Ipod, ripping concert DVD's to it. Evidently they can be ripped in chapters OR "infinite". When I rip in infinite I get a single large file of the entire concert. If I use Ipod to forward to next song, that doesn't work. I might get back to the menu but I can NOT forward/reverse within this file to the next track. If I want to listen to the 24th track, I must first go through tracks 1-23


Now...if I rip in chapter mode, I get all the tracks broken out for me so I get say, 25 individual tracks. When in view mode, if I click forward, the ipod goes back to the menu. I can not forward/reverse between tracks here and ALSO, it seems the Ipod treats each track as its own individual movie.


So, if I watch the 10th track and don't touch anything...at the end of it...the Ipod stops. If I want to watch the entire video in chapter mode, I evidently need to manually select track 1...watch it... go back and manually select track 2...watch it... go back & manually select.... you get the idea. It will NOT go down the list as it does when in music mode.




Am I just not understanding something here or is this in fact the way the Ipod works when watching videos? Ripping these videos takes anywhere from 1 hour up to almost 3 for the worst one I've done...


I've re-ripped some again to put them into the chapter mode (prior to realizing I'd actually be watching them manually and they wouln't scroll to the next song).


Now I'm confused as to which mode I REALLY want...


I'm thinking the answer is... I need to decide what concerts I'd prefer to watch in whole and maybe rip them in infinity format. Others, if I want to cut some out, rip in chapter format.


Anyone know any way around this?


I'd like to make clear though... the ability to rip these AT ALL and take them with me on my trip is enough to make it worth it. I'd rather have them in ANY format than not be able to do this at all. Ultimately, I'm snivelling over details here BUT I'm one that likes to have his cake & eat it too when possible.


Perfect world would be to rip the dvd's to the Ipod and have them be managable like they would be if my dvd player was playing them. (forward, reverse, pause...)


Any comments/thoughts, other than I'm screwed?






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hmm... so each playlist would in fact be each DVD (if I chose to listen to it that way)


OR, I am now presuming, I could edit/create a playlist of any of the chapters I want, in any order and the playlist will replay my desires?


If that's accurate...I think I'm finally getting it (albiet a bit slowly)






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